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Unami Fish and Game Association


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Band Schedule & Events 2002


Tickets for the Halloween Party/Fall Ball are available for members ONLY to sell.

$10 each in packs of 10.

All packs MUST be signed out with the bartender on duty.

Members are responsible for payment for lost or stolen tickets.

Members selling one pack {10} of tickets will receive one FREE TICKET when you turn in your $100.



Click here to visit the OFFICIAL Horny Toad Website


Click here to visit Jynx on the web

All Bands Start At 10pm



Nov 8th          Jynx

Nov 15th        Drowning Alice

Nov 22nd        Horny Toad

Nov 24th         Turkey Shoot

Stop by & get a pack of tickets to sell.

Guaranteed winners in every pack.

                  Help Support Your Club!!

Nov 29th      Tattoo Sunday

Dec 6th           Jynx

Dec 13th        Live Wire

Dec 20th        Scotty & The Slammers

Dec 27th         Horny Toad

Dec 31st         New Years Eve Party

featuring          JYNX

Jan 24th          Horny Toad

Jan 31st         Scotty & The Slammers



Please check back often, bands will be added on a continual basis.

Any questions, comments or gripes can be told to the answering machine. Please call during non-business hours


Canoe ride; Actual size=130 pixels wide


Pics of TOUCH DOWN JESUS taken Friday Sept 20th, 2002 by Butterkup

These guys were HOT!!!

To quote George Jones "hotter than a two-dollar pistol"

Touch Down Jesus



Leather & Lace MC 2002 Poker Run Pictures Thanks to all we raised almost $5000 for Breast Cancer!!!

For more information call: 610-965-5053